Parenting and Child Welfare Matters, including child abduction matters

Cullen Macleod are experts in negotiating agreements between parties who are in dispute over their children. In our experience, being able to resolve child welfare matters through negotiation assists parties in preserving family relationships, which benefits the children.

If negotiations are successful, we can translate the agreement into a parenting plan or consent orders that can be filed in the Family Court of Western Australia.

Upon separation parents must consider a variety of arrangements for their children. These include:

  • where will the children live?
  • how will the children divide their time between parents (and possibly extended family such as grandparents)?
  • what will the parenting arrangements be?
  • who is going to pay for the school fees and extra circular activities?
  • if the children live with one parent most of the time, when will they spend time or communicate with the other parent and other close family members?
  • will the parents make decisions affecting their children together or unilaterally?
  • who will care for the children after school?
  • who will children spend special days including; birthdays, Father's and Mother's Day, Christmas and Easter?
  • how will handover be conducted?
  • arrangements for things such as schooling, health care, sport, or religious matters, and
  • the parents cannot agree, who will consider the best interests of the children?


At Cullen Macleod we can assist you and your partner to reach an agreement swiftly and to protect the best interests of your children.

We are experienced in a variety of complex and diverse child welfare matters including child abduction matters.

If parents are unable to agree on the arrangement for their children proceedings in the Family Court of Western Australia may become necessary. At Cullen Macleod we can advise and represent you accordingly in these proceedings.